L.B. Lighter of the Month Club

Get 2 completely unique lighters for $10 bucks a month + FREE U.S. shipping.

Love my art and wanna carry it with you everywhere you go? Join the club boo! Sign up by the 30th of any month to receive that month's designs. Check out the extra benefits below.

+Two beautiful, brand new, name  brand lighters shipped to you every month.
+Guaranteed to receive two exclusive designs each time with no repeats.
+FREE U.S.shipping!

In addition to your lighters you get:
+15% off, unlimited use for the entirety of your membership.
+First access to all uncensored art and videos.

Afraid of commitment? Relatable.

You can always stock up on my lighters without joining the club! Click below to buy individual sets of lighters.

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